Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sharing my birthday with one of my cuttest nieces! The others weren't there yet, but when they got there it was a party!! I love having all my nieces and nephus over to play!

Those are the christmas pj's Shadd got me for christmas! He's wearing the new sweat pants I got him! He loves big baggie sweats!
The christmas eve party! Us getting our picture taken with santa!

Our first christmas tree!

After hiking and hiking and hiking.... this was my ending result! We started hiking at around 5 in the morning! We didn't stop till we reached the top! Awesome view right?

Shadd and I all dressed up in our hunting gear! Sitting in a blinde waiting for bucks to come around. It was Bow hunting season and I was there for the support.... mostly I didn't want to sit at home alone! :)

This was at lake powell by our house boat. Shadd was playing fetch with his dog bow!

I finally learned how to water surf!!! It was SO fun! Even learning how to I kept falling on my butt all the time and getting water up my nose, but it was still fun!!
Shadd of course is a pro on the other hand!! He got up his first time and every other time after that!! He even knew tricks!

Look how cute those two studs are! Shadd and our little nephu Bubba!! Fishing at lake powell for our summer vacation with the Christensen family!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This was on the very top deck of our ship. Shadd killed me in miniature golf, but I totally beat him in ping pong five games in a row!
This was on the deck where everyone lays out and there are tons of games going on and people everywhere! Nothing but ocean!!